Saturday, March 15, 2008

It's March 15, 2008!

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Three birds with five stones

The freshmen exposure trip "FrExpo 2006" brought JOU, COM, and their respective program councils to three locations last Friday. We went to the Mowelfund Film Institute in the morning followed by attending a taping of Mel & Joey at GMA-7, and concluded by an evening tour of ABS-CBN which rekindled recent memories of my on-going practicum.

Dustin, Cyra, and Mia in front of my practicum studio site.

I think the exposure trip was a success. Much thanks to the arrangements made by CPC in these three locations and for securing the five buses that carried the five block sections. I was also proud to see much of my officers doing their jobs. I also felt good that I finally got to interact on a more personal level with some freshmen.


Where art thou thy satisfaction?


Bimbo's first birthday

I, being a Ninong along with half of JOU4-1 (hehe, joke!), went to baby Bimbo's first birthday at McDonald's near Alabang Town Center earlier. I was with Eric and Kate. Tope, Arjay, Athena and her youngest brother, Leah and her Chorale companion Anna, and Alelyn were also there.

Mother, Son, and Ninong.

Eric, Tope, and me.

Lots of food and a camera crew captured the memories as they unfolded. I bought a stuffed bear for Bimbo. He was sick and looked disoriented during the party, but nevertheless, he looked so cute. I can't tell if his looks go like his father or his mother.


Up ahead?

A thesis defense that has no schedule.
A return to the practicum I left alone last Monday.
A web host service to pay for starting this week.
A fashion exposure that I wish I could postpone, but can't.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I'm here at G-Rose 2. It's 9:30 PM and beyond curfew. The thesis defense didn't push through earlier and was postponed for Friday. That puts me in a dilemma because Friday is FrExpo (Freshmen Exposure Trip) of COM and JOU. There are barely any fourth year officers going so I'm forcing myself to go.

There was this magical moment earlier during sunset. I was standing there near the entrance to my dorm and talking with my bestfriend Tom and my thesis partner Kate. We were just talking loudly when a former co-EB of HF passed by, Jaynie. I returned a shirt to her. Afterwards classmates Eric and co-tANCr Ara appeared. Then Shiela, Jezire, and Wilda appeared.

After that, Upper and Kay drove by in the Vitara. And I was just happy because for those minutes I felt like I got a glimpse of classmates and friends together again. I mean, these days with the thesis defenses and the practicum it's seldom you'll encounter so many at one time... let alone at school.

As Tom and Kate and I walked towards the admin building, the Communication Program Council (CPC) passed by and I managed to exchange new information with them regarding our field trip on Friday.

It's like almost all the people I wanted to see suddenly appeared in succession.

Anyways, it's a return to the dorm. I miss both my OJT-QC Apartment nights and my days in DLSU-D. If I could split myself in two I would.

As each day passes everything gets faster.



As of this moment, Mark Eblamo (our Secretary) is still the Officer-in-charge. All the fourth year officers are either working on their thesis or completing their practicum or even both. The freshmen exposure trip to ABS-CBN, GMA-7, and the Mowelfund Film Institute is still on schedule this Friday.



Our defense was postponed to Friday. Kate informed the department for me that we can't do ours on Friday due to the exposure trip. I'm wondering how the department will conduct the defense when some professors will be out during the exposure trip. Right now, we will be scheduled for defense early next week. (That would mean my OJT schedule will be scrambled)



At this moment I've accumulated 154 hours (more than 75%) at ANC. I think I'm on track so I don't need to rush things. I actually miss the apartment we stayed at and those late nights of searching for classmates at ABS-CBN. The practicum training has made me closer with my blockmates and has made me feel excited about the post-college years.



So far Cross-Cultural and Advertising Management need tending to. I've got to check on assignments and projects. It's funny how I only have two remaining subjects at school, but can't seem to find time for them. (I'm so bad)


Yes, there are only a few weeks remaining. March 24 is our graduation date at PICC (yes, it's not in our school because there's still a contract to finish) and beyond that who knows.

I shouldn't go senti on it. It's useless right now.

Birthday nga pala ng kapatid ko bukas, January 5. Happy 17th Birthday Paul. Recollection niyo pa. I miss the catering we had last year.